We transform your customers mobile device into an efficacious body scanning tool, providing you with accurate body/foot/hand measurements.

We convert your customers’ and technician’s mobile device into an efficient part & machinery scanning tool, identifying the object and providing you with accurate measurements and wear & tear analysis.

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What is MyVyoO?

MyVyoO is an accurate 3D body scanning solution, which offers a contact free measuring that is more accurate and integral than hand measuring. MyVyoO provides accurate measurement insights to streamline workflows and enable personalized sizing and fitting experiences across various products, including athletic shoes and personalized prosthetics.

How much does cost MyVyoO solution?

You can ask for a demo here, then you will be eligible to try MyVyoO free for 5 days, no credit card required. After your trial expires, choose a plan that suits the size and stage of your business.

How can I get a demo of MyVyoO?

The only device you need is already in your pocket. So to request a demo of MyVyoO’s seamless integration solution, please visit our website here.

I already sent a request for a demo, but no one contacted me, what should I do?

  1. Check your spam or junk folder: Sometimes, emails from unknown senders or automated systems can end up in these folders. Make sure to thoroughly search your email inbox for any potential messages related to the demo request.
  2. Double-Check your mailbox: After receiving your demo request, we send you an address confirmation email, to ensure that you provided the correct contact details when requesting the demo.

    • Please click the button to confirm it.

    • If you have not received this email in your bow or spams, it’s possible that a typo or error may have caused the lack of response. If necessary, consider resending the request with the correct information.

  3. Reach Out Again: If you have checked your spam folder and verified the contact information, it might be worth reaching out to our support team at demosupport@vyoo.ai and they will get back to you within hours.

How can I get my access to MyVyoO?

If you have already been introduced to our 3D Body measurements solution, and you want to configure your API without delay for immediate integration of real-time data insights designed to evolve and meet your business needs over time, please reach out to our customer support team here.

How can I change my password to login to the MyVyoO app or platform?

Simply navigate to the settings section of the MyVyoO app or platform to change your password hassle-free, without any learning curve.

Do I have to download different apps to capture various body parts?

No, MyVyoO’s versatile solutions and APIs enable comprehensive body part capture within a unified application, allowing your team to focus on essential tasks efficiently.

In what countries can I use MyVyoO solution?

You can use MyVyoO in nearly every country in the world

Our brand doesn't have an application, can I still use MyVyoO solution?

Yes, absolutely! MyVYoO offers flexible options for businesses.

If your brand doesn’t have a corporate application on the store, or if you prefer a separate platform for specific functionalities, you can purchase MyVyoO as a Standalone App. which offers extensive customization features. You can personalize the app with your brand’s logo, policies, and preferred color schemes. This ensures that the user interface aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

There are benefits to go with one of our flexible option for your businesses:

Effortless Integration: MyVyoO is designed for easy integration, minimizing the hassle of implementation.
Branding: Customize the app to reflect your brand image, making it recognizable and familiar to your users.
Tailored Experience: Whether integrated as an API or used as a Standalone App, MyVyoO provides a tailored experience that meets your business requirements.

To get started with MyVyoO as an API or a Standalone App, simply contact our sales team. They will guide you through the process, discuss your specific needs, and provide the necessary resources for a smooth integration or deployment.

Is there a specific capture protocol users should follow to get a good capture?

Yes, MyVyoO provides a user-friendly, step-by-step guide within the app to ensure optimal utilization of fast 3D measurement for improved decision-making in sizing and fitting processes. The capture process itself is AI-assisted for a seamless user experience.

Do I need a specific device to try or use MyVyoO?

MyVyoO is a new scanning method and allows your customers to scan their body by using their smartphone from the comfort of their home.

Our mobile body scanning technology utilizes a range of sensors, including cameras and depth sensors, to create a perfect 3D model of your body. This avatar is subsequently employed to measure your body dimensions with high accuracy.

Is MyVyoO involved in the creation of personalized apparel as well?

Our technology is adaptable to various requirements, whether for off-the-rack wear, clothing alterations, or bespoke designs. We provide a tailored selection of products. Each scan in our 3D body bundles covers a multitude of unique measurements. A comprehensive 360° perspective of the body ensures incomparable data reliability, essential for suggesting sizes, developing new patterns, and producing tailor-made clothing.

No more measuring tape, size table and fitting appointments!

Curious about whether the necessary measurements are included in our database? Please request a demo here and discuss with our support team your standard measurement list to integrate.

What are the advantages of MyVyoO solution over regular size charts?

  • Traditional measurement methods that you can get with a tape measure or surveys based on fit analysis, fall short. They do not capture your unique shape, and take their source from subjective data, leaving your fit a guessing game.
  • Most other fit tech companies use a couple of pictures instead of a full 360° scan to find the best possible fit, which cannot reflect the full / perfect morphology of you body’s shape.

Pair these outdated fitting methods with the fact that consumers don’t know their measurements, or how to take it, and you will remain with your size problem.

MyVyoO offers precision and accurate measurements to the millimeter giving the brand the ability to address its customers the right size and a perfect fit.

How accurate and precise is MyVyoO solution?

Wherever you need human body measurements with medical-grade accuracy, VyoO can develop a customized solution for you and empower you to reconstruct your end-users’s unique body shape in ultra-accurate 3D models and in minimum processing time; all of that only needing the camera on any mobile device.

  • VyoO is already working with one of the biggest European healthcare manufacturers
  • VyoO is already working with one of the biggest Canadian uniform manufacturers

We enable you to capture your end-users’ hand/foot/body as simple as their fingerprint!


I have a few suggestions of my own. Where can I submit them?

Feel free to share any ideas you have with us. We value creativity and are always open to feedback. Please send your suggestions to info@vyoo.ai

I've heard that you offer more than just a sizing solution. Could you provide me with more information about VyoO?

  • MyVyoO – the fashion suite, provides retailers with a comprehensive 360° API solution encompassing sizing, fitting, tracking, and the creation of 3D avatars tailored to your specific requirements. MyVyoO generates a unique sizing ID for each shopper based on their personal measurements, ensuring an accurate fit for selected items. Implementing MyVyoO API in your online store enables customers to easily determine their precise size, leading to increased purchases and reduced returns. Additionally, our white label application is available for businesses without an existing app, providing customization options for a personalized experience. Vyo0 is already working with one of the biggest Canadian uniform manufacturers

  • VyoO Healthcare Advisor is an effective option for healthcare retailers in need of 3D body measurements. It facilitates quick acquisition of body shape with precise capabilities, creating measurements and 3D models that precisely depict body structure for the customization of comfortable and tailored devices. Acting as a superior substitute for conventional and intricate measurement methods like plaster casts, it also empowers users to monitor their body shape over time for health and fitness purposes. The platform fosters a digital interaction hub for patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare retailers. Vyo0 is already working with one of the biggest European healthcare manufacturers

  • VyoO MRO Advisor converts any smartphone into a proficient scanning device, allowing individuals without expertise to digitalize and extract artificial data from objects, including accurate measurements, textures, colors, and volumetric particulars. The platform enables the immediate examination of components, comparing them to stored mathematical representations in a catalog or CAD model to achieve the best possible match. It provides calculations for variations, analyzes point-cloud data, and enables the execution of actions based on predefined regulations and personalized interpretation. Vyo0 is working with the Leading European Manufacturer of Tires & Tracks.

Could MyVyoO be considered or used an anthropometric tool?

MyVyoO is a smart digital measuring tool in the palm of your hand, making the measurement of any body size and shape anywhere easier, faster, and more accurate than ever.

This innovative technology aligns seamlessly with the concept of anthropometry, which involves the systematic collection and correlation of measurements of human individuals. Anthropometry encompasses the methodical measurement of various physical characteristics of the human body, including body weight, size, and shape.

With MyVyoO, you can effortlessly collect 3D anthropometric measurements directly from a mobile device in a secure manner. The convenience extends to the ability to view and manage these measurements comfortably in your office, all while ensuring GDPR compliance. Experience the future of precise and accessible anthropometric data collection with MyVyoO!