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With innovative products and solutions, capture in 3D, recognize, analyze, and track in real-time.

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Enable Your People
Our solutions & products enable your team to focus their energy where it’s needed & make the most out of every piece of real-time data and every decision they make for your business.
Enhance Your Customer Experience

VyoO solutions provide your customers with a seamless sizing & fitting experience, whether they are looking for the perfect fit in an athletic shoe or a personalized prosthetics; online, in-store or at a healthcare practitioner.

Do more with data
Real-time, data-fueled insights are essential to optimize existing workflows. Our solutions provide you with the critical information you need instantly, and our AI-powered algorithm helps you automate decision making—when, where and how you need it.
No expensive hardware is needed, hence no learning curve. VyoO solutions & APIs are designed to integrate seamlessly into your rich ecosystem of connected platforms and evolve to meet your needs over time.



Digitalize in 3d with any smartphone. Capture the human body in a point cloud.


Denoise & mesh to get an accurate high-quality 3D model of full-body or any specific body parts.


Extract synthetic data including dimensions & measurements to find the best size or create made-to-measure.


Put 3D advanced searchin technologies to work. Get highly relevant 3D search results quickly.


Interpret and adapt your businnes. Transform data-driven information into archievable assignements and customer services.

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We are across every major industry


Increase sales and customer satisfaction by giving your clients a seamless sizing experience both online & in-store.

  • 3D Body Measurements for Apparel
  • Size & Fit for Made-to-Measure
  • Fitting for Safety & Decorative Uniforms
  • Size & Fit for Sportswear & Athletic Footwear
  • Size & Fit for Lingerie & Night Gowns
  • Size & Fit for Smart wearables


Create personalized medical supplies with just a simple capture or enable your customers to find the perfect fitting cast online.

  • Orthotics & Prosthetics
  • Splints & Casts
  • Medical Garments
  • 3D Body Archiving
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Fitness & Body shape tracker

Technical benefits

Admission panel 
with full control

The eCom / Healthcare retailer has full control over the data and branding through their white label app & reporting platform. 

Quick and seamless

The capture session is extremely short & a CAD / VAD (VyoO Aided Design) 3D model would be created in minutes.

Automated post-treatment

Automatic denoising & meshing of the 3D models & automatic isolation of the background.

Ultra accurate

Medical grade accuracy,  1.00 mm close to enable you to produce the perfect fit. 

Smart decision making

Data files can be sent rapidly and securely over the internet to optimize decision-making & create enhanced workflows. 

Simple integration

Seamlessly integrated into client SEP, CRM and eCommerce platform with easy documentation.


Having a fitting session is the traditional way of producing perfect-fitting uniforms, which requires expertise and a dedicated resource on-site. Time-consuming & a hassle. By creating a digital twin, VyoO in partnership with a lead manufacturer of uniforms in Australia & Canada has developed a solution for contactless automatic measurements of the users' full body, delivering 60+ measurements - feet and hands included - and with an accuracy of 10 times higher, in 0.01 of the time.


When it comes to compression garments to treat people with venous problems, the exact size matters the most. VyoO in partnership with the field lead manufacturer based in Europe has developed an application that enables the capture of the patient's lower extremities, online and in-store; delivering the patient's 3D model, 40+ automatic measurements only in the lower body, and the right size of compression stocking, for users' confident shopping.


Predictive maintenance can save you cost & time. VyoO in partnership with the lead manufacturer of tires & tracks has developed an application to evaluate the level of the weariness of a given track surface, providing accurate measurements of the size of the chunking as an input to the engine & the output would be an expert maintenance recommendation, avoiding damages to the machinery in the long run & seamless ordering of a new track online when needed.

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About how VyoO can help your business.