API or white label app

No more complicated size charts and guessing games to find the right bathing suit and no more bulky plaster casts or moulds to store. Digital measures can simply be stored in a medical or retail profile for a custom-fit medical supply or to find the perfect fit for any item of apparel.

  • Easy integration with iOS or Android app
  • Access to web dashboard for analytics and reports
  • Access to 3D models and as many measurements as per industry standards or client need.

Upper body measurements:

  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Waist
  • Arm Length
  • Length from elbow to shoulder

Female body extra measurements:

  • Chest/bust
  • Underbust
  1. Size & fit recommendation for retail & medical garments, online & in-store:
    • Sportswear
    • Shirts & dresses
    • Safety jackets
    • Athletic coats
    • Bathing suits & swimsuits
    • Sport bras & lingerie
  2. Made-to-measure apparel & garments
  3. Personalized orthotics/prosthetics (ONP)
  4. Specialized & safety uniforms
  5. Made-to-order upper body splints & casts
  • Enhance customer experience by size & fit recommendations
  • Seamless sizing & fitting for healthcare practitioners & patients
  • Minimize delay & increase conversion by removing the “what is my size?” step in the online shopping
  • Fewer returns, less reverse logistic cost & higher profit margins
  • Opportunity to scale the made-to-measure line of products
  • Better category Management & more
  • Sustainable approach for medical & fashion retailers