API, SDK or white label app

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  • Easy integration with iOS or Android app
  • Access to web dashboard for analytics and reports
  • Access to 3D models and as many measurements as per industry standards or client need.

Foot Measurement:

  • Foot Length (tip to heel)
  • Ball girth
  • Ankle circumference
  • Calf girth (widest point)
  • Size & fit recommendation for retail & medical footwear, online & in-store:
    • Athletic footwear
    • Corrective & prescription Shoes
    • Kid’s shoes & footwear
    • High heels
  • Made-to-measure footwear
  • Personalized orthotics/prosthetics (ONP)
  • Specialized uniforms & safety footwear
  • Pediatric Recommendations and Customized Insoles
  • Made-to-order foot splints & casts
  • Enhance customer experience by size & fit recommendations
  • Seamless sizing & fitting for healthcare practitioners & patients
  • Minimize delay & increase conversion by removing the “what is my size?” step in the online shopping
  • Less returns, less reverse logistic cost & higher profit margins
  • Opportunity to scale the made-to-measure line of products
  • Better category Management & more
  • Sustainable approach for medical & fashion retailers